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Let Your Website Find You a Job

By Elizabeth Salaam, Nov. 9, 2012

Todd Benton, co-owner of BentonWebs, explains the importance of an online presence to boost your job search.

First, please tell me a little bit about BentonWebs.

BentonWebs ( helps individuals and small businesses with website design, video production, and relationship marketing. We believe that real, authentic communication is at the heart of building thriving relationships in business and in life. We take this philosophy and apply it to the web that exists beyond interpersonal interactions — to the public messages that are communicated through our clients’ websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media properties so that these messages are congruent with who our clients are and what they’re building.

Is a paper resume enough these days?

A paper resume is out of date because recruiters and hiring managers are online. They are social media savvy and spend time conducting online searches for candidates based on keywords. If your qualifications are literally on paper or in a PDF file or Word document on your computer, they are not searchable online. In essence, you are hidden from many potential opportunities.

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